Sunday, March 25, 2012

Viraday is just as effective as Atripla

After being diagnosed with Lymphoma, I found out I was HIV +.  After my chemo regeime, I was put on Atripla.  My counts were a mess: CD-4 (T_cells) was 7 and Viral Load like 30,000.  I'm being treated for both at Sloan Kettering in NYC.  Atripla was very hard to afford--$1,700 month.  After 6 months on Atripla, I needed to find an alternative.  My counts after 6 months on Atripla was CD-4 110 and Viral Load 18,000.  Not great number but improving.   Was told CD-4 goes uo the most after first few months on the 3 drug coctail (Atripla) and then about 100 pts per year.

I did research and found an Atripla alternative called Viraday (by Cipla Pharma- India).  I reviewd 30 articles and only 1 was negative (probably written by the maker of Atripla) .  Two months supply cost me $350 as opposed to Atripla $3,400.  (purchased from They accept an Atripla perscription).

I was on pins and needels from December (when I started Viraday)until February, my next visit at Sloan for follow-up and blood counts.  I got great news:  CD-4 up to 130 from 110 in November; and Viral load to 240 from about 18000 in November.  Viraday works and is not a sugar pill as I had feared.

I confessed to my doctor about switching to Viraday,  I asked her opinion.  She said, " the proof is in the numbers".  I took that as an endorsement.

Viraday is the same 3 meds as Atripla,.  Atripla is on US patent until 2017--- thus the high price.  Viraday is a generic Atripla, and is not subject to patent in Asia.

I hope this helps.  Any questions, my e-mail is: